Lathrop Manteca Fire District

Additionally this site provides the ability to dig trenches for trench rescue, cut vehicles apart for auto extrication, and move heavy objects as if a building had collapsed. The entire site is certified by the California State Fire Marshal's Office as a Rescue Systems 1 Training Site.

Current Training Pictures

The prop you see here is called a pitched roof ventilation prop. This training prop is built from common wood materials and simulates firefighters on a roof, cutting a hole above the fire, so that heat and gases can exit the structure. The ventilation of heat and smoke from a fire is critical to firefighter safety. This prop assists firefighters in building fine motor skills so that they do not cut through main structural members. Cutting main structural members of the roof can have devastating consequences. 

The LMFD training site also includes a burn room where firefighters can perform live fire training. The containers you see here were originally two separate containers. Firefighters modified the two containers to simulate multiple doorways, a hallway, and various forcible entry props to simulate locked doors and windows. Firefighters are able to practice firefighting conditions by replicating the heat and stress experianced in an actual fire.

The LMFD's training building is 2 stories tall. It includes both a parapet and flat combination roof that adds to its useable footprint. The building prop allows firefighters to perform different tasks simultaneously. Firefighters have added realism to the structure by including main breaker panels, an FDC connection, and numerous movable interior walls that can change the buildings layout.

The Lathrop-Manteca Fire District maintains a training facility located at Fire Station31 in the City of Lathrop. This facility allows space for a two-story training building, trench collapse, fire suppression, search & rescue, auto extrication, and many other uses. The site allows our firefighters to practice the life saving skills necessary to keep the public safe.


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