Lathrop Manteca Fire District

Truck 30

Truck 30 was purchased in 2016 for approximately $750,000.00 and will be placed at fire station 31. Truck 30 is unique in that it has a 107' ladder that can be used to reach large warehouses and the roof of multi story buildings. This unit is uniquely engineered on a single axle that reduces maintenance costs. The unit also carries 500 gallons. 

This page is dedicated for those interested in the rolling equipment the LMFD uses to accomplish it's mission. Our firefighters are unique in that we still accomplish most of the preventative maintenance on our fire equipment. Fire apparatus and todays equipment have seen many changes over the years. Some of these changes have been to comply with many of the federal and state emissions laws. Other changes like more specialized equipment create the need for increased compartment space. The fire apparatus of today are much larger and certainly more complicated to operate. Throughout this evolvement the LMFD has kept our culture of history alive with two standards for every engine we own: a mechanical siren, and the color red.

Fire Apparatus

Rescue 30

Rescue 30 was purchased in 2015 using Measure C Funds. This unit carries specialized equipment for big rig truck extrication, trench collapse, building collapse, lifting heavy objects to rescue trapped people, confined space rescue, industrial rescue, and even the ability to pull heavy objects like cars or trailers. This unit was purchased for approximately $740,000 and carries equipment valued at almost over $250,000.

Water Tender 31

Water Tender 31 was purchased in 2001 at an approximate cost of $250,000.00. This unit serves as a "Fire Hydrant on Wheels". It carries 3,000 gallons of water, and can pump water at 1000 gallons per minute if needed. Water Tender 31 is an important part of our response model. It is available to respond to any fire that is outside of hydranted areas. This includes grass and other vegetation fires, building fires, large vehicle fires. This unit also supports other agencies as part of a reciprocating mutual aid plan.

Boat 31

Boat 31 was purchased from Wooldridge Boat Manufacturing in 2005 by the City of Lathrop.  This unit was in turn donated to the Fire District through a cooperative effort with the Fire Districts Firefighters Association. This unit is a great asset to serving over 30 miles of delta waterways along the San Joaquin River.  Citizens in the City of Lathrop enjoy direct access year round to the river.  Boat 31 is an integral part of the LMFD's dive program, and serves as a floating platform for dive operations.

Water Rescue 31

Water Rescue 31 is a 1997 Ford Super Duty conversion vehicle. This unit was procured by the LMFD through a shared vehicle swap agreement with the Ripon Consolidated Fire District.  This unit has serves our dive rescue & recovery response. This unit also serves as the primary tow vehicle for Boat 31 as well as transporting a majority of our dive equipment.

Engine 30

Engine 30 is a type 3 fire engine.  This type of fire engine is suited well for grass and other outdoor vegetation fires.  It has a short wheelbase that makes accessibility much easier. When firefighters can't get near the fire due to accessibility issues, firefighters must progressively "build" hose lines to get water to the fire.  This takes valuable time to accomplish while the fire continues to grow. The LMFD utilizes two type 3 fire engines to accomplish its mission.

Engine 31

Engine 31 is a Type 1 fire engine that was purchased in 2002 at an approximate cost of $450,000. This unit carries 750 gallons of water.  The on-board pump is rated at 1,500 gallons per minute. This unit was the last of the top mounted pump controls that were purchased. The LMFD switched to the side mounted pump control to shorten the wheel base and overall length of its fire engines.