Lathrop Manteca Fire District

Program Accomplishments
2013 - Hands Only CPR Program Established

06/2014 - Program awarded a grant by the Antone and Marie Raymus Foundation for 40 CPR Manikins and 1 LCD Projector 

03/2015 - 2,794 students and 73 Adults have been taught Hands Only CPR

The Hands Only CPR Partnership model this program after one of the most successful programs outlined across the United States...the Dial 911 for Emergencies Campaign.

The Lathrop Manteca Fire District is a partner in this program with the Manteca Unified School District, Manteca District Ambulance, the City of Manteca Fire Department, and the Stockton Fire Department.

We recognize that our community members don't think of service level boundaries throughout their day to day life experiences.  The children and families in our communities live, play, and work in areas around the LMFD's jurisdictional boundaries as well as in them.  That's why we knew we had to take a regional approach to actually see results.  We know that to be successful, we have to take a practical approach at times.  Under the direction of Fire Chief Gene Neely, LMFD staff was directed to assist in establishing, growing, and measuring this program's usefulness.

"The Lathrop Manteca Fire District takes saving lives as serious business..." 

That's what we told the participants in the first meeting to establish the areas first Hands Only CPR Program.  That's right, the LMFD was a partner from the start of this program, and has since worked with the partnership to take this program to every school in the MUSD. 

Hands Only CPR