Lathrop Manteca Fire District

The LMFD uses resources that are the best fit for our communities served! We have a very diverse primary response area. Areas include suburban city responses to the City of Lathrop, Raymus Village just north of the City of Manteca, and the Oakwood Shores development south-west of Manteca. 

The Fire District also services rural areas surrounding the City of Manteca. These areas are rich in history and are primarily agricultural lands in nature. It is not uncommon to have multiple fires along the river throughout the summer months. Some of the fire apparatus used to control fires in our area include Type 1 fire engines, Type 3 fire engines, and Water Tenders.

Fire Suppression is at the center of the LMFD's core mission! We have a rich history that was established 1936 when our District was formed by the voters of the original response district. Today our boundaries look much different due to neighboring cities annexations. Feel free to "click" on the yellow link to see the jurisdictional boundaries of the LMFD.

Fire Suppression