Emergency Services

Lathrop Manteca Fire District

The LMFD has an organized deployment model that provides on duty staffing 24 hours a day (365 days a year) to respond to emergencies from each of our five fire stations. The District's Headquarters fire station is located in the City of Lathrop's new River Islands development: Fire Station 35. The authorized career personnel strength of the Fire District includes 42 uniformed employees and 4 Office Staff Employees.  A Reserve Firefighter roster of 25 members is maintained to augment our career fire suppression force.

Since the incorporation of the City of Lathrop in 1989, The Fire District has developed plans to provide adequate coverage for the potential urban growth of the new City. The District-wide fire suppression force is organized into three shifts (A,B, and C) consisting of thirteen members each. Each of the shifts is on duty for rotating periods of 24 hours. A minimum of two members are on duty in each of the fire stations at all times. The LMFD regularly reports its
statistical response data in it's Incident & Training Report. This report is provided to our governing Board of Directors at their meetings. Annual numbers are made available here on our website in an effort to increase governing transparency, and communication outreach efforts with the members of our communities.

An aggressive
fire prevention and code enforcement program is utilized, adopted by reference by both the City of Lathrop and the Fire District with some local additions, deletions, and amendments. Companion ordinances establish fee for services, which include charged re-inspections that are required by the California Fire Code and State Fire Marshal’s regulations. The Fire Marshal administers the District’s fire prevention and code enforcement program. Plan checks are done by the Fire Marshal along with the more complex inspections. Fire Company personnel conduct inspections and annual re-inspections, Additional fire safety programs include smoke detector installation for the elderly and disabled, fire safety and awareness in the schools.

Additionally, the Fire District provides continuous CPR and other training classes to the community through our community outreach efforts. It is statistically proven that by training the citizens in our communities served  it will enhance the survival rate of a sudden cardiac arrest victims, as well as the outcomes of other emergencies.

The Lathrop-Manteca Fire District responds not only to fires of all types, but also medical emergencies, traffic accidents, river rescues, hazardous materials incidents, and other industrial emergencies.

The Fire District is an active member of the San Joaquin County
Hazardous Materials Team. The district is also the nucleus for a highly skilled Dive and Urban Search & Rescue Team.