Lathrop Manteca Fire District

The LMFD Dive Rescue & Recovery Program was initiated to mitigate waterway emergencies. The San Joaquin County Delta estuary provides valuable recreation in and around it's waterways. With the population boom in the southern portions of San Joaquin County, these waterways have seen increased use. The water creates an additional hazard that has seen an increase in calls for emergency response. The LMFD maintanes a minimum team roster of 9 public safety divers. 

The LMFD operates the only Dive Recovery available in San Joaquin County as an emergency 1st responder. We have found that the recovery of a loved one provides compassion and closure in a difficult time. With over 30 linear miles of waterway, lake shore living at both the River Islands and Oakwood Shores Developments, the team has been a valuable asset to our communities served.

Dive Rescue & Recovery